10 Most Common Diseases in Cats


         Having a cat is without a doubt and along with dogs, some might argue the best choice in terms of pets. Cats are incredibly fun to play with and every day they show us that they’re smart animals. Nevertheless, like many other living beings, cats get sick sometimes. It’s our job as their owner to ensure they stay healthy. If our beloved feline shows evident signs of illness surely we will take them to theft right away. However, it would be more responsible if we studied those little symptoms that suggest our cat has a dangerous disease. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most common diseases in cats.

         1- Diabetes: an elevation in the sugar levels of a cat happens in one of two possible scenarios, they either have an inadequate response to insulin or simply lack this hormone, this is known as HYPERGLYCEMIA and if it is left untreated can bring a series of dangers to the cat’s health.

         2- Otitis: it is an inflammation of the ear common in both cats and dogs. the otitis causes pain and in extreme cases audition loss. It is produced due to parasites fungus or bacteria; you can tell if your cat has otitis if you see an exaggerated amount of time of scratching or discomfort while scratching itself.

         3- Cancer: unfortunately, cats show sometimes an uncontrollable growth of cells that end up resulting in cancer, in a similar way to human cancer and cats can be localized in specific areas or may spread through most of their bodies.

         4- Conjunctivitis: it’s inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye it’s a very common disease and cats know I have to matter their age and if it’s not diagnosed and treated with enough time cats may lose their sight, to detect this disease we must watch carefully our cat’s eyes for opaqueness in the cornea.

         5- Rabies: this disease affects cats and all mammal’s brains and spinal cord rabies are prevented with a vaccine because once the animal has this disease it is almost 100% chance of dying.

         6- Worms: intestinal worms can go undetected and represent a health hazard both for cats and for humans.

         7- Feline leukemia virus: it’s recommended to test if our cats have this disease as it does not show symptoms right from the start. This disease inhibits the immune system of the act making it one of the most popular causes of death in cats

         8- Feline immunodeficiency virus: a slow-growing disease that does not show symptoms until years after it appears, it weakens the immune system and makes the cats acceptable to other infections.

         9- Peritonitis: consists of the inflammation of the lining of the abdominal wall. It’s infectious and could be mortal sometimes; there’s no cure but a vaccine can prevent it it’s symptoms are fever and increase of the abdomen size.

         10- Allergies: just like us cats get allergies there is a long list of things that can cause them allergies like fungi, plants, cleaning products perfumes, fleabites, pollen, some foods, or even humans. It’s possible to determine if our cat has an allergy if they present some of the next symptoms: cough, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, runny nose, skin infections, vomiting, and diarrhea.

         It’s your duty as a cat owner to take good care of your beloved cat if you see any of these symptoms make sure you take your cat to the vet immediately.

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