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Home ┬╗ It turned out to be so easy to cook at home!

It turned out to be so easy to cook at home!

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Hi all! Today I will share with you a chic recipe for baklava, which is easy to cook with your own hands. This baklava will not leave anyone indifferent, believe me! Such a tender dough, almost imperceptible, and has a lot of nut filling. It is so moderately sweet, honey-creamy, and impossibly tasty! Such baklava can be prepared in advance for the festive table and stored in the refrigerator for up to X hour or presented as a sweet gift/present. Be sure to try making it at home. Cook with love and enjoy your tea party!



-180 gr butter

-3 yolks

– a glass of sour cream (the volume of my glass is 250 ml)

– about 3 stacks. flour

-10 gr vanilla sugar

-10 gr baking powder


-300 gr walnut

-4 proteins

-300 gr sugar


-80 gr walnut halves

-1 yolk

-50 gr butter

-5 tablespoons of honey


1. For the dough, pour the flour into the bowl and grate the butter. Then rub everything together with your hands into crumbs.

2. Add vanilla sugar and baking powder, and mix.

3. Lay out the yolks and sour cream, and knead a soft, slightly sticky dough.

Like this.

4. Divide the dough into 5 parts – 2 larger and 3 smaller.

5. Close the dough with foil and refrigerate for 30-40 minutes.

6. For the filling, chop the nuts in a blender into medium crumbs.

7. Add sugar and proteins to them, and mix.

8. Spread thinly over the larger part and spread over the bottom of the mold. My baking sheet measures 20 by 30 cm, and I covered the bottom with parchment.

9. Put a quarter of the filling on top.

10. Next, roll out a small piece of dough.

11. Lay out the next part of the filling. And so repeat until the end.

12. Use the blunt part of the knife to bend and fasten the edges of the dough.

13. Lubricate the top of the baklava with yolk and cut only the top dough into diamonds with a very sharp knife.

14. Place walnut halves.

Bake the baklava in a preheated oven at 180C for about 40 minutes.

15. Then cut the hot baklava, cutting through all the layers completely.

16. Combine honey with melted butter and generously cover the baklava with this glaze.

Place back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

That’s all!┬áLet the baklava cool completely, about 8-10 hours, and you can enjoy its taste!

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