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NUT BISCUITS. How to cook a biscuit / all the secrets of making a nut biscuit

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Today I will share with you a recipe for a very tasty nut biscuit. The biscuit rises well and does not fall off. By layering the biscuit with any cream that you like, you will get a delicious cake. I really like this biscuit in combination with chocolate custard with chocolate pieces.3:40

Grind the roasted walnuts to a state of large crumbs. Walnuts can be replaced with any other nuts.

walnut cake recipe

Add cornstarch, baking powder, and chopped nuts to the sifted flour, and mix everything well.

walnut cake recipe

Separate 4 eggs into yolks and whites.

We separate carefully; the yolk should not get to the proteins. Otherwise, you will not bring down the proteins to the desired consistency. The whisk and container where the proteins will be whipped must be clean and dry. Additionally, you can decrease the dishes and whisk with a slice of lemon or a cotton pad previously soaked in vinegar.

walnut cake recipe

Eggs must be large, category c1 or c0.

I use category c1 eggs straight out of the fridge.

walnut cake recipe

Whisk egg whites until fluffy. After the proteins have whipped to the desired consistency, without stopping whipping, add sugar in 3-4 stages. Sugar, we need 100 grams of. Previously, you can add vanillin or vanilla sugar to sugar.

After each addition, beat for approximately 40 seconds. The protein mass will gradually increase in volume.

After adding the last part of the sugar, beat the whites to soft stable peaks.

walnut cake recipe

When the whites are whipped enough, a pattern from the whisk will begin to appear on their surface. Also, the main test: when turning the container over, the proteins should remain in place, and there should not be any slipping.

walnut cake recipe

Add the yolks to the beaten egg whites. Add the yolks one at a time, after each addition beat with a mixer until smooth.

You don’t need to beat for a long time, it’s enough for each yolk to connect with the whites, it takes about 30 seconds.

walnut cake recipe

It turns out there is such a magnificent mass.

walnut cake recipe

Add the dry ingredients to the beaten eggs in two stages. After each addition, carefully knead the dough with a spatula,

walnut cake recipe

Dry ingredients should be combined with the egg mass and there should be no dry, unmixed islands. At the same time, do not get carried away too much with this process, so as not to disturb the airy structure of the dough. As soon as you see that the ingredients are combined, immediately stop kneading.

walnut cake recipe

It is advisable to prepare the form early since biscuit dough does not like delays and the longer it is at room temperature, the more it will lose its airiness. Which in the future may adversely affect the finished product.

We shift the dough into a mold, I always slightly pull the dough from the middle to the edges of the mold with a spatula so that a tubercle does not form in the middle. We put parchment or foil on the bottom of the form, in no case grease the sides of the form with anything, otherwise, the biscuit will rise poorly. The diameter of my form is 21 cm, you can take a form from 20 to 22 cm. Accordingly, depending on the diameter of the form, the height of the biscuit will be slightly different.

walnut cake recipe

We bake a biscuit in a preheated oven, at a temperature of 180 degrees. Approximate baking time +/- 40 minutes.

The temperature may vary slightly depending on the characteristics of your oven. Therefore, adjust the temperature for yourself. For example, in my mother’s electric oven (without convection) I baked a biscuit at a temperature of 200 degrees, and in my gas oven at 180. Therefore, consider this nuance.

walnut cake recipe

We check the readiness of the biscuit on a dry skewer. We give the biscuit time to cool slightly and remove it from the mold. Then leave the biscuit to cool completely. And only then do we cut it into cakes.

walnut cake recipe

The biscuit turns out to be very tasty, and fragrant, any cream is suitable for it, such a biscuit does not require additional impregnation. It’s not wet, but it’s not dry either.

walnut cake recipe

I hope the video was helpful to you. If you have any questions ask, I’ll be happy to answer. And of course, do not forget to share photos of your biscuits in the comments))

Peace, Goodness to all, and of course a delicious biscuit to you.

walnut cake recipe


4 chicken eggs (categories C1 or C0)

sugar 100 grams

flour 115 grams

corn starch 15 grams

baking powder 1 teaspoon without a slide

nuts (I have walnuts, you can take any others) 90 grams

salt 0.5 tsp vanillin/vanilla sugar 1/4 tsp. l / 1 tsp without a slide

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