Car transportation insurance options


Everyone who orders the transportation of a car with the help of an auto transporter is sure that his transport will be delivered on time and safely. But sometimes circumstances occur that could not be foreseen, and the machine receives several deformations or becomes completely unusable. In order not to face financial losses, it is best to pre-arrange car transportation insurance. Then, if a breakdown occurs on a car transporter or during transportation, this will already be an insured event, and the carrier will have to bear responsibility for it. He will pay the amount agreed in the contract. Insurance minimizes any risks and losses.

Types of car transportation insurance

The distance usually does not affect the possible risks of losing the car during delivery. It is possible that the car will leave the platform or the transporter will get into an accident. It is better not to hope for a chance and immediately take out insurance. 

There are two types of insurance cover:

  • Carrier’s liability insurance.
  • Cargo insurance.

It is worth considering in more detail each of these options. Liability insurance is considered the primary type and the most demanded. Usually, it is already included in the amount the client must pay the company to provide certain services. In this case, if the delivery does not go according to plan, the organization will be forced to pay compensation for the damage caused if it turns out that the machine was damaged during loading/unloading and transportation. An assessment of the damage caused is carried out, and after that, it is possible to draw up an official claim to make material compensation.
As for cargo insurance, this is already an additional service, and you usually need to pay for it separately. This is additional insurance against any risks, which is voluntary. It is chosen if the described insured events by the primary type are insufficient. For example, such a package protects against accidents, damage from natural disasters, death of a car in an explosion or fire, destruction of tunnels, bridges, and theft. If the car transporter suddenly overturns on the road, the client will also receive compensation.

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