Features of summer cottages insurance


One policy can usually insure:

  • country (garden) house;
  • outbuildings: bathhouse, garage, barn;
  • property inside buildings;
  • engineering equipment;
  • finishing of premises;
  • responsibility to neighbors.

Some insurance companies carry out insurance of summer cottages both in the office and via the Internet online. Naturally, in the second case, the property is not inspected. Is it good or bad? Good in the sense that the process is quick and hassle-free, but it also has some drawbacks:

  • the policy indicates a temporary deductible from 5 to 15 days, that is, the contract does not enter into force immediately, but after a while, and the dacha is considered not insured during this period;
  • upon the occurrence of an insured event, the security service of the insurer will especially carefully investigate all the circumstances, since most often frauds occur precisely with real estate insured without inspection;
  • usually, without inspection, dachas are insured under special programs (boxed products), according to which the liability limit for each insurance object sometimes does not exceed a million rubles, and sometimes less.

It is better to take out regular insurance with inspection and assessment of each insurance object if the dacha meets at least one of the conditions:

  • a summer cottage is worth more than a million;
  • expensive repairs have been made in the house;
  • expensive engineering equipment was installed;
  • expensive furniture;
  • things are stored that will be a pity to lose;
  • expensive agricultural equipment is stored in the garage;
  • an expensive bathhouse was built.

If it is decided to insure the dacha for the full program, and not for the boxed product, sometimes there is a desire to ensure the house for those six months when no one lives there. It can be pointless to do this in winter for two reasons:

  • troubles such as a fire, a short circuit, an explosion of a gas cylinder or a natural disaster can also arise in the presence of owners;
  • the shorter the insurance period, the higher the multiplying coefficient to the tariff, therefore the resulting savings are not commensurate with the risks.

In summer, summer cottage fire insurance is no less necessary: ​​cooking, a fireplace, barbecues, funny drunken companies, overheated baths, burning garbage – all these factors can work as detonators of a possible fire.

It would seem that in the era of the Internet, it is a pity to waste time meeting with an insurer. Yes, the Internet will be a convenient help in this case too. On the websites of most companies:

  • calculators for the cost of summer cottages are working for an approximate calculation;
  • there are insurance application forms that describe the features of summer cottages and property.

After filling in, the manager contacts the client, and they jointly appoint the time of the inspection, during which photographs are taken, the appraisal of the cottage, and the inventory of the property is filled, if necessary. After that, the conditions (rules) of insurance and the contract are sent to the policyholder by e-mail for approval and payment. This is very convenient because in the office the client usually does not have time to carefully study everything and understand everything.

At this stage, the policyholder has the opportunity to remove something and add or clarify something. After payment, an agreed and signed contract is sent to his email address. Thus, the policyholder meets with the insurer once – during the examination, and he does not need to visit the office.

Some companies, for example, Ingosstrakh, have developed special mobile applications (such as IngoMobile), in which the policy is placed in the insured’s account. The application allows you not to carry a paper document with you, quickly clarify whether specific risk is insured, promptly inform the insurer about what happened and receive consultations in the chat around the clock.

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