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Dota 2 Free Accounts


In this guide, We will give you most recent 100% functioning Dota 2 Free Accounts and also Dota 2 Plus Username and passwords free of cost. Enhance your Dota 2 gameplay experience with these cost-free accounts as well as improve incentives and also open brand-new badges as well as rates.

Dota 2 Free Accounts
Dota 2 is a 2013 on the internet multiplayer fight sector video clip game established and published by Valve. This is among the very best games from Valve as well as is likewise thought about one of the best 5v5 MOBA games ever before launched.

Dota Plus is just one of the best functions of this game that offers you the most effective experience in the game. Now you can finish your Dota journey in a really one-of-a-kind means and obtain the most out of every match you play.

You can select your personality from a wide array of heroes, or play numerous games with just one or two personalities. Every video game will profit more XP in the direction of your hero’s level progression, and you’ll open brand-new tiers of hero-level badges.

Such costs features can only be accessed by the Dota 2 Plus account. However, new gamers can get Dota Plus solutions for the very first 2 months free of charge.

Yet several Dota players are searching for unused Dota 2 Free Accounts Username & Password in 2022 If you additionally want to get Dota 2 Plus account, then do not fret.

We have actually produced a working checklist of totally free Dota 2 costs accounts as well as passwords that you can obtain completely free.

Disclaimer: The Dota 2 totally free accounts provided below are just for informational purposes. We do not suggest using them for hacking or any kind of unusual activities.

Dota 2 Free Accounts Username & Password 2022.

These Dota 2 complimentary accounts are upgraded on a daily basis and you can use any one of the below make up totally free. Try to use these accounts for Dota 2 immediately, otherwise, log-in details can be changed by other individuals.

Free Dota 2 Accounts Dota 2 Passwords
AxIMiEnI omgs5234
aTRatenT hp18a2107
inciansper juil1765
LAXACHABLE foxracing1
sTJyJvZcwa Jennifer21
pOkEtOrtyP Lorenzochen58
imerethang 245ciscola
praphalcat barbie19999
dottaray89 Aqwzsxe25
thDOTAsty 7542trourst
overlookedssta bucketec85
nustahurol 785974222

Free Dota 2 Plus Accounts Username & Passwords

  • Username- iCLItUeYrd | Password: WRORi2cxBu
  • Username- FOgErFUlKy | Password: o3w4zb9vry
  • Username- nmonzimorter | Password: 8qc30l0rs0
  • Username- torylifthamp | Password: 2zn3tv7ugg
  • Username- ACtuRentiCeN | Password: 2DUMJ47379
  • Username- RsPmRjQCVGVk | Password: H8LO4INRJC
  • Username- atfmbgcwntbr | Password: 03pJT8f2hC
  • Username- thorlovethunder | Password: WU9yYjZc7L
  • Username- tESETesTaTuI | Password: 9TkogxXQ6y

More Dota 2 Accounts

  • Dota 2 herald account free – Coming Soon
  • Dota 2 free ancient account – Coming Soon
  • Uncalibrated dota 2 account – Coming Soon
  • Dota 2 herald smurf account – Coming Soon

So these are some working Most recent Dota 2 Free Accounts Username & Password 2022. I wish you get a working Dota 2 account as well as if you can’t locate any functioning account, after that don’t stress.

We will upgrade the brand-new Dota 2 accounts as soon as possible. You can bookmark this page as well as browse through daily to get hold of a functioning account.


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Kaspersky Internet Security Key 2022 Free KIS License Activation Code Sat, 12 Nov 2022 23:05:18 +0000 Kaspersky Internet Security Key 2022 Free KIS License Activation Code Read More »


Internet Security has become a major concern for everyone, and Kaspersky Internet Security Key 2022 Free License Activation Code can safeguard you from ransomware, viruses, trojans, etc.

If you are also looking for 100% working Kaspersky Keys 2022, KIS Key 2022, KIS License Key, and Kaspersky License for free, then you’re at the right spot.

Kaspersky Activation Code protects your PC from dangerous websites, so you can browse safely. Download the Kaspersky Activation Code generator.

Kaspersky Internet Security Key 2022 Features

Are you quite sure that your online data and activity are not getting trespassed? This digital era has given us many things but also risks our privacy and personal data.

If you are downloading random software and applications on your Mobile phone or PC, then there are chances that your digital data may get hacked and you may also put your device at risk.

Kaspersky 2022 is built to protect your browsing data, shopping, banking, chats & data across your PC, Mac & Android devices. This software has achieved many awards and is loved by millions of users across the world.

The best thing about Kaspersky Antivirus is that they roll regular updates and they try to identify digital threats so you wouldn’t get affected by them. This premium range software has many best features such as:

  • ✅Safeguard your browsing data, shopping, banking, chats, etc.
  • ✅Free VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day
  • ✅Allows you to hide your IP address.
  • ✅Safe payments via an encrypted browser protect your online transactions.
  • ✅Browse safely and takedown websites that steal passwords or may create threats to you.
  • ✅Identify cybercriminals who try to use your webcam and immediately block them.
  • ✅Also protects your privacy & personal information.
  • ✅Real-time Threat Protection for your Device.

The Anti-Hacking system of the Kaspersky 2022 License stops hackers to look into your home network and stops them to steal your data. If you are using the Kaspersky Mobile Security License, then it will Encrypt your data on risky public Wi-Fi and Hide your IP address.

However, such types of Premium Features come with a 1-Year Plan for your devices. You can get the Kasperksy License Key from their official website. But if you can’t manage to purchase this software, then you can use some working Kis 2022 Keys and Kaspersky Total Security Keys License keys for free.

Kaspersky Internet Security Key (November) 2022

Kaspersky Internet Security ( KIS) Keys 2022: Note these keys are valid till 2023.

  • ZZRLW-7VSLX-NG2ED-HXE7D (Valid till 26-07-2023)
  • NE93Z-HLHRB-U66BR-SNJZ5 (Valid till 26-07-2023)
  • WZK3A-RZ8UR-LQQYC-5NFVR (Valid till 20-07-2023)
  • Q9LCW-PWKZ4-9ZDBH-6WJB3 (Valid till 20-07-2023)
  • 4XSA9-LTMJT-YDV54-YYMNF (Valid till 20-07-2023)
  • JXQVA-4XYY8-AWVQ8-STP7M (Valid till 20-07-2023)
  • NF3S5-M6HXV-XSYC7-S8GZJ (Valid till 10-07-2023)
  • 84QER-KHEN9-UF5Y4-QA3HX (Valid till 10-07-2023)
  • 9ERXT-4FPJ5-ZHG8S-JM3A5 (Valid till 10-07-2023)
  • K45B9-BTCFD-NVVDV-KUH2E (Valid till 10-07-2023)
  • MUWX3-NB75G-KUTF8-UKLEL (Valid till 10-07-2023)
  • JZM2J-CVLXB-394TH-S2F63 (Valid till 26-06-2023)
  • ZHCBU-T86D2-TLETF-CZ5VQ (Valid till 26-06-2023)
  • 39JU6-HHBSE-5SDD6-YYTCK (Valid till 26-06-2023)
  • MZMJY-LMFGG-3HD3P-8DTT7 (Valid till 26-06-2023)
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus License Key

    • SPULS-AHGTL-6SN7Q-2U59L = KAV Key
    • 4NMYG-DGWU6-DCFF7-EY984 = KAV Key
    • TJ744-HM2B2-G7YT3-59YT4
    • 4VXJ7-QJ9DB-9F3PC-DUA4A
    • 62KPK-C9KCA-7BNSP-U5MS4
    • 3PF67-AQU5M-5S89V-DY295

    Kaspersky Total Security Activation Code

    • 5M7HD-UUP93-4HS48-7QQMG = KTS Key 2022
    • MAE49-TDGC9-V548N-MNXCM = KTS Key 2022
    • 85QKE-AJCS4-YRVNP-SGTJ5 = KTS Key 2022
    • 749J5-5ST48-8SKY5-Q3QCT

    Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal Key 2022


    Kaspersky Mobile Security Key for Android 2022

    • 8CUSL-62BB8-VG7N6-SCW3B
    • XWS8Y-47FPX-4SVCH-Y973K

    So this is the full list of 100% working and unused Kaspersky Internet Security Key, KTS Key 2022, and KAV Keys 2022 for free. We recommend you use these KIS keys as soon as possible otherwise they will be used by other users.

    How to use Kaspersky Keys & Activate Kaspersky Pro?

  • Once, you download the Kaspersky activation code, you’ll need to activate the Trial version to the Premium version for free. If you don’t know how to do this, then follow the below steps:
    1. First of all, Visit the Official website of Kaspersky from here.
    2. Create a new account and verify your e-mail.
    3. Now choose the software which you want to download, and click on the ‘Free Trial‘ button.
    4. The setup file will download on your device soon.
    5. Install the Kaspersky software on your device and activate the protection.
    6. If you want to activate the software, click on the License button, which you will find at the right bottom of the page.
    7. Now enter any of the above-mentioned free KIS 2022 keys as an activation code.
    8. Finally, click on the ‘Activate My Product‘ option.

    That’s it!! Your Kaspersky Internet Security 2022 will be activated for 365 days for free. You can also use our KIS keys to renew your existing Kaspersky license and you can extend your Kaspersky protection for 365 days more.

    Last Words: Kaspersky Keys 2022

    There is no doubt that Kaspersky protects your PC from the latest ransomware, trojans, viruses, and digital threats. You can enjoy the Kaspersky Internet Security Key 2022 Free KIS License Activation Code free for 1 year.

    If the above keys don’t work, then don’t worry. We will update and add new Kaspersky keys soon so you can bookmark this page.

    I hope you get a Kaspersky license key for 2022.

    Best of luck! Keep visiting.

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Caesar Salad Sandwich Tue, 01 Nov 2022 02:23:14 +0000 Caesar Salad Sandwich Read More »



  • 2 chicken fillets
  • 4 slices (wholewheat) bread
  • 4 anchovies
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g romaine lettuce

Ceasar Dressing

  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp (soy) yogurt or use mayonnaise if you don’t like a light version
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 15 g Parmesan


  • Place the chicken between baking paper. Beat a few times to flatten it. Season with salt and pepper. Fry till golden brown.
  • Add a little bit of butter to the bread and toast it.
  • Bring water to a boil and cook the eggs for 8 minutes.
  • In a bowl, mix together the ingredients for the sauce. Add the lettuce to it and mix well.
  • Place the bread on a plate. Top it with 2 anchovies, 3 slices of egg, 3-4 tbsp Caesar salad, and 1 chicken fillet.
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Sweet Potato Salad With Kale, Beets & Smokey Tahini Dressing Mon, 31 Oct 2022 23:40:43 +0000 Sweet Potato Salad With Kale, Beets & Smokey Tahini Dressing Read More »




1 large sweet potato
2 medium beets (root only)
1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt + pepper, to taste
1 large bunch of curly kale (roughly 5-6 cups, packed – how to massage the kale for salad)
1/2 cup pecans
1/4 cup raisins

Smokey Tahini Dressing:

1/2 cup tahini
1 lemon, juice only
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp garlic powder
1 Tbsp maple syrup
Salt + pepper, to taste
Water, to desired consistency (I used 4 Tbsp)


Preheat oven to 400F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
Peel the sweet potato and beets. Chop both vegetables into approximately 1/2-inch cubes.
Place cubed sweet potatoes and beets on the baking sheet. Toss in olive oil, salt + pepper. Spread in an even single layer (with some space between veggies) and roast in the oven for 30 mins.
Meanwhile, prep kale: remove from hard stems, wash/dry in a salad spinner, then chop or tear into smaller pieces.
Add all dressing ingredients to a small-medium-sized bowl. Gradually add 1 Tbsp of water at a time until desired consistency is reached. For reference, I used 4 Tbsps of water here! Season to taste and set aside.
Place pecans on a small baking sheet, then place in the oven for 6 minutes (you can do this in the last 6 mins of roasting the veggies!) They should be toasty, but not burnt (keep an eye on them).
Remove everything from the oven. Add kale to a large mixing bowl and top with roasted sweet potatoes, beets, toasted pecans, and raisins. Pour tahini dressing overtop and toss until well combined.
Feel free to serve immediately, or allow the dressing to sit and soften the kale for about 10 mins. Enjoy!

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An insider called the exact release date of the new iPad and MacBook Thu, 13 Oct 2022 20:34:57 +0000 An insider called the exact release date of the new iPad and MacBook Read More »

They will appear on October 24, but there may not be a full-fledged presentation.

Well-known insider Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) from Bloomberg called the exact release date of the new generation iPad 10 and iPad Pro tablets. According to him, the devices will appear on October 24. The iPad Pro 2022 is expected to feature the latest Apple M2 processor, while the iPad 10 is expected to feature the A14 Bionic chip. At the same time, new MacBook Pro laptops and, possibly, the next generation Mac mini will be presented, the source notes.

At the same time, Gurman assumes that Apple will not hold a full-fledged event, but will limit itself to issuing press releases. Then the new models will simply go on sale. Recall that the insider had previously reported the cancellation of the October presentation of Apple. Also in the week, which begins on Monday, October 24, the iPadOS 16.1 operating system can be released simultaneously with new devices, Gurman believes. Apple has postponed its release, which was originally planned for September, to fix all the bugs identified during beta testing.

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For Windows 11, the first major update was released – it added tabs in the “Explorer” and updated the “Dispatchertasks” Wed, 21 Sep 2022 02:02:37 +0000 For Windows 11, the first major update was released – it added tabs in the “Explorer” and updated the “Dispatchertasks”  Read More »


On September 20, 2022, Microsoft released a severe update for Windows 11 called 22H2, which collected all the most innovations.

Some changes in Windows 11 22H2

Ability to tug shortcuts and files to the taskbar. This feature was one of the most frequently requested among Windows 11 users. Microsoft tested the feature for several months and was ready to add it to the release version only a year after the launch of the OS.

Changes in Explorer. The developers have added a tabbed interface to the program, although slightly updated its interface, particularly the navigation bar.

Redesigned “Task Manager”. The utility received an updated interface, support for a dark theme, and a modified navigation menu for switching between tabs. The program has an option, “Efficiency mode”, which allows you to scale back the consumption of resources by any application.

Redesigned Start. Microsoft has added three interface layouts for Start and, therefore, the ability to create folders for pinned shortcuts.

Improvements in Snap Layouts. The developers have added the power to open menus with anchor layouts by dragging windows to the top of the screen.

Controller Bar. It allows you to launch games using the Xbox controller quickly. The panel opens automatically when a PC user connects a controller to the device. It also can be opened from the keyboard by pressing the Win + G key combination.

Improvements for games in windowed mode. For them, the developers have reduced the display delay and improved the work of Auto HDR and VRR, which were previously available only in full-screen mode.

HDR Calibration app. It allows you to enhance colour accuracy and optimize the image using the HDR mode in games.

Windows Spotlight on the Desktop. The function is liable for changing wallpapers downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Other changes. In total, Microsoft has made several dozen improvements to Windows 11, including updating some old icons and changing various items in the settings.

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Apple: camera shaking bug in third-party apps to be fixed by end of September Tue, 20 Sep 2022 23:48:42 +0000 Apple: camera shaking bug in third-party apps to be fixed by end of September Read More »


Some new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max users began complaining about camera shake in third-party apps like TikTok and Snapchat. It looks like this:

Source: Luke Miani / YouTube

At the same time, the camera itself makes terrible sounds:

Rebooting the device does not solve the problem. At the same time, there is no such thing as a software problem in the native Camera application. Moreover, the problem does not affect all users. For example, the camera works flawlessly in the dark purple iPhone 14 Pro by Ilya Kazakov, probably because he is sitting on iOS 16.1 beta.

The Verge has reached out to Apple for comment. A company representative commented that an update is already being developed, which will fix the problem of a shaking camera and several other imperfections. An update is expected to be released next week.

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When will Apple fix the camera shake in the new iPhone 14 Pro? Trying to carry smartphones for repair is not necessary. Tue, 20 Sep 2022 22:57:15 +0000 When will Apple fix the camera shake in the new iPhone 14 Pro? Trying to carry smartphones for repair is not necessary. Read More »


The other day, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users complained that in third-party applications, such as TikTok, the camera of iPhone 14 Pro models rattles or makes noise. Today, Apple released an official statement about this.

When asked if users experiencing a problem should go to service centres, Apple replied that this is unnecessary. You will need to update your iPhone after the patch is released. It should happen next week.

“We are aware of this issue and a fix will be released next week,” an Apple spokesperson told MacRumors. The company did not provide further details, but the fix will likely be included in iOS 16.0.2.

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How to Set Different Wallpaper on Lock and Home Screen on iOS 16 Mon, 19 Sep 2022 21:53:17 +0000 How to Set Different Wallpaper on Lock and Home Screen on iOS 16 Read More »


While iOS 16 offers significant cinch screen customizations, one point that has bothered numerous druggies, including me, is the incapability to maintain separate cinch screen and home screen wallpapers. The cinch screen and home defences’ wallpapers are generally paired, meaning the same image is used on both. Still, you’re not alone if you dislike this point as I do. Then I’ll explain how to set a different wallpaper for the cinch and home screen in iOS 16 on iPhone in 2 different ways.

  • Set Different Wallpapers While Changing Cinch Screen Wallpaper
  • Swipe down from the top edge of your iPhone to open the announcement panel.
  • Touch and hold on to any space on the announcement panel until you see the cinch screen customization options. Tap on the Customize button at the bottom if you want to set a different home screen wallpaper for the current cinch screen, or hit the Add() icon button if you’re going first to add a new cinch screen wallpaper as well.

Customize the cinch screen by adding widgets like battery, rainfall, changing the time fountain, etc. once you have edited your cinch screen, the valve on Done at the top.

Now, then’s the critical step; instead of pressing Set as wallpaper, the valve on Customize home screen.

also, you can set a different wallpaper for the home screen. You can choose from a solid colour, grade, or add wallpaper from your prints. You can indeed add a blur effect to your wallpaper. Tap on Done at the top.

Set Different Wallpapers From Settings

Alternately, if you have formerly set a cinch screen wallpaper or you want a more straightforward way to change the home screen wallpaper on your iPhone, you can do so from settings.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to Wallpaper and valve on Customize under the home screen layout.

Now, choose a wallpaper for your current lock screen and hit Done at the top to apply the wallpaper.

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In the US, the average house price hits a record, but sales are falling Thu, 07 Jul 2022 20:48:21 +0000 In the US, the average house price hits a record, but sales are falling Read More »

The average price of houses and apartments in the United States reached an all-time high, exceeding $400,000 in May 2022, writes The Guardian. At the same time, the market has seen a drop in sales for the fourth month in a row, caused by rising mortgage rates and high prices.

The average residential property value in May of this year increased by 14.8% compared to May 2021, reaching $407,600. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), this is an all-time high since 1999.
At the same time, NAR recorded a decrease in sales in the secondary market in May compared to April by 3.4% to 5.41 million years ago. Compared to May last year, sales fell by 8.6%.
Experts note that May sales were mainly due to the closing of contracts signed one or two months ago before mortgage rates began to rise.
The average 30-year mortgage rate rose to 5.78% in mid-June, the highest since November 2008, when the housing crisis occurred.
Even though demand still exceeds supply, and houses are sold out quickly (the average exposure time in May was 16 days), experts expect a further decline in home sales.
According to, home sales in the US in 2022 will decrease by 6.7% compared to last year.

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