For Windows 11, the first major update was released – it added tabs in the “Explorer” and updated the “Dispatchertasks” 


On September 20, 2022, Microsoft released a severe update for Windows 11 called 22H2, which collected all the most innovations.

Some changes in Windows 11 22H2
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Ability to tug shortcuts and files to the taskbar. This feature was one of the most frequently requested among Windows 11 users. Microsoft tested the feature for several months and was ready to add it to the release version only a year after the launch of the OS.

Changes in Explorer. The developers have added a tabbed interface to the program, although slightly updated its interface, particularly the navigation bar.

Redesigned “Task Manager”. The utility received an updated interface, support for a dark theme, and a modified navigation menu for switching between tabs. The program has an option, “Efficiency mode”, which allows you to scale back the consumption of resources by any application.

Redesigned Start. Microsoft has added three interface layouts for Start and, therefore, the ability to create folders for pinned shortcuts.

Improvements in Snap Layouts. The developers have added the power to open menus with anchor layouts by dragging windows to the top of the screen.

Controller Bar. It allows you to launch games using the Xbox controller quickly. The panel opens automatically when a PC user connects a controller to the device. It also can be opened from the keyboard by pressing the Win + G key combination.

Improvements for games in windowed mode. For them, the developers have reduced the display delay and improved the work of Auto HDR and VRR, which were previously available only in full-screen mode.

HDR Calibration app. It allows you to enhance colour accuracy and optimize the image using the HDR mode in games.

Windows Spotlight on the Desktop. The function is liable for changing wallpapers downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Other changes. In total, Microsoft has made several dozen improvements to Windows 11, including updating some old icons and changing various items in the settings.

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