How much does it cost to insure against accidents and how to choose a policy?


The operating director of PPF Life Insurance LLC Sergey Ovcharenko answers.

Many Russians are increasingly thinking about financial protection in case of health problems. After all, accidents can happen at any time, and not everyone has the money for treatment or recovery. The insurance policy perfectly solves these problems. It may include a single risk, such as “death of the insured as a result of an accident,” or have an extended list of protection against the consequences of accidents: injuries, disability, and hospitalization. When concluding a contract, the client determines the amount of the sum insured and the set of risks, depending on the level of income and the lifestyle he leads.
An accident insurance policy (HC) costs an average of 3900 ₽, depending on the amount insured. The insurance is paid at a time and is valid 24 hours a day for one year.
We advise you to carefully study the Rules of Insurance and additional conditions (Table of insurance payments). At the same time, when concluding a contract, having read the Rules of Insurance, the client must understand that if bodily injury (in our understanding, these are only minor domestic injuries) is not in the payment table, payment for it is not made.

Insurers choose Bodily injuries as the most popular additional risks when concluding long-term accumulative life insurance contracts. Unlike policies that only protect against HC, endowment life insurance programs provide insurance protection for the long term, offering more comprehensive protection in various situations. In the event of a severe illness or injury, the insured will be able to receive financial support and pay all necessary expenses promptly. Regardless, at the end of the contract, for the period specified in the insurance contract. The company will pay the client the amount he planned to accumulate when purchasing the program. Sums insured under long-term accumulative life insurance contracts can be completely different, both especially limited by the company for certain risks,
In long-term endowment life insurance programs, when calculating the amount of financial support for a client, the severity of the injuries received, the stage of a severe illness, the length of stay on sick leave or the length of stay in a hospital, and the acquired disability group are taken into account. For example, in the case of a hospital stay or outpatient treatment on sick leave, the payment amount is determined based on the cost of one day, which is determined by the insurance program. For example, when diagnosing a deadly disease or assigning the first disability group to a client, we pay 100% of the sum insured. In the latter case, the client can also be exempted from paying fees if he has this option in the program.

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