How to ensure a summer cottage in winter


Forgot to insure your summer cottage on time?

A separate article is devoted to how and where it is better to ensure a country house or summer cottage. It focuses on choosing a reliable insurance company and on getting maximum insurance coverage for minimum money, using special boxed products.

Another article describes in detail what measures can be taken to reduce the winter risks that are most often associated with the actions of intruders: burglary, theft, arson, and other crimes. In addition to illegal actions, dacha buildings can be threatened by abnormally heavy snowfall, which can damage the roof, hurricane winds, and closer to spring – flooding by groundwater or floods. A fire can occur without the participation of intruders: a neighbor’s fire will spread, the wiring will close, ignite from a sheaf of sparks flying out of the pipe, or from overheating of an improperly insulated chimney pipe.

This time, the emphasis will be on three points:

  • on the features of the insurance is a country house , that is, buildings without year-round;
  • on the expediency of insurance for the period of the closed summer cottage season;
  • on insurance under special programs without examination.

When owners constantly ensure their suburban real estate, they receive reminders from the insurer, or they remember that it is time to renew the contract using the accumulated discounts. But it also happens that the owner got screwed up and missed the renewal period, or the property was recently purchased, and in the summer the question of insurance did not arise. And when it was time to leave the dacha, it became scary to leave everything to chance. Then the question arises of insuring the dacha and other outbuildings for the period of absence of the owners.

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