Private Island! – Ocean Cay – MSC Marine Reserve


            It is a private island that’s owned by MSE, but it’s part of the Bahamas. They took this Island they restored it they got rid of any garbage that was around they planted a bunch of palm trees they’re building buildings or creating jobs, and they’re also doing a lot for the coral in the area. My first time in Palma’s new country yes love adding new countries to my list, this Island opened up a month ago in November 2019, so we are one of the few people that have been here that upset foot on this Island as ocean essential part of MSC.

         A friend who I meted there said: “these are the islands of my country a cappella girl of the Bahamas we are an ocean key let me show you you’re an ocean key and you would be in the middle in here and that little blue spot that like a little water”. And I asked her “you were saying when you were here as a kid there was nothing here it was just rocks and sand” and she said, “my father worked here when they were young my brother work here”.

         So according to my new local friend here Roslyn, there’s so much more to see on all the other islands that she urged met come back and explore a lot more.

         So there is a buffet here that is included in the price of your ship, so that’s pretty neat they can get off the ship you can explore this island and you can eat the food here I don’t know if the drinks are included. If you have a package that includes drinks then drinks are included here – got my drink time to explore more of this island.

         Is feeling a little bit better so we’re just coming out for a little bit so she can put some her toes in the sand “my little girl” and I can see this island, I’ve been waiting the entire time to come here and it just not disappoint so beautiful and peaceful breeze gorgeous the temperature is just like affection the water is the most beautiful turquoise. We have it alto ourselves because this is an MSc island private island.

         We are some of the first people to be here because it only opens in November 2019, which feels unique. I think it’s safe to say that I like speech this is her first sands ocean noon now that her first ocean experience but a first-hand experience and she is loving it “my little girl”. There’s a lot you can do on the beach, or you can do nothing at all. It’s up to you. Still, if you want to get up to some activities you can go stand-up paddleboarding you can go snorkelling youkan see duelling you can take a sunset picnic you can go stargazing you can go kayaking and go swimming you can visit the market youkan visit the restaurant. There’s a lot this island is worth coming to it’s my favourite part of the whole week I love being by the seat.

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