Robot To Implant Elon Musk Brain Chip “TESLA Lost The Race”


         Let us start with the news from NEURALINK the new chip from neuralink contains more than 1 000 wires which can read brain activity to implement the chip will be done by a robot avoiding damage to the brain and blood vessels ELONMUSK assures that the process will take some time and will leave only a smalls car. in addition, the device will be easy to remove for example to replace with a newer version.

         Now NEURALINKS engineers have teamed up with the woke studios an industrial design studio to present a robot designed for such complex work. the 2.5-meter robot is equipped with a camera and sensors and has its base a computer power supply and a cooling system. the robot head holds the needle and allows it to move freely and precisely in five axes. this ensures the accuracy of the device whose design is designed not to scare people.

         The U.S federal aviation administration has authorized Amazon to use prime airdromes for delivery throughout the country in deserted areas. the company says the technology is safe and its tests will start soon. the company can now use several thousand drones to deliver all types of goods outside the operator site.

         On September 4th china first launched into space an experimental reusable spacecraft which successfully returned to earth in two days this was reported by the XANHAUS state agency without giving any details or images of the spacecraft; the only thing known is that the spacecraft was delivered to space by the Shang Zheng 2f launch vehicle launched from the Joaquin satellite launch center in the Gobi Desert according to one of the versions it’s not just a capsule but a spaceplane. officially the purpose of the spacecraft launch was to test the spacecraft’s systems but the U.S space surveillance network specialists discovered a new mysterious object in the earth’s orbit. the experts assumed that the object was doing two rotations around the earth before the potentially reusable spacecraft left the orbit.

         New tests of the space internet star link showed the download speeds of more than megabytes per second. this is still far from what space expects to get in the end but it’s above the 60 megabits per second shown in the last test.

         We’d like to remind you that on September 3rd ELONMUSK’S company launched another batch of 60 satellites into space and on September 4th space conducted repeated tests of starships in-flight of150 meters the flight was a success. ELONMUSK also told twitter that the first raptor vacuum engine for starship has been sent from space rocket factory in Hawthorne California to the company’s development center in McGregor tease are waiting for the news about the engine in action, but there is also bad news for ELONMUSK it is the victory of the electric car of the California company lucid air over the Tesla model sand the race for the drag station theca lucid motors in the top version of the dream edition overcame 402 meters in 9.9 seconds while the Tesla could not meet the 10-second interval! this victory was announced by lucid motors pointing out that the lucid air sable to drive on one battery charge 832kilometers while the current record holder for this indicator is the Tesla model sat only 482 kilometers. Musk himself has not yet commented on this event.

         Chinese engineers presented a fully autonomous robot observer based on a four-legged platform which can monitor the social distance between people on the street to achieve autonomy the developers installed the robot several cameras and 3d LIDAR.

         The robot measures the distance between the pedestrian groups in real-time cleverly maneuvering between them on city streets and gives sound signals if the groups of people are too close to each other.

         In Poland robotics robot Richie was taught to recognize people without masks Richie is a pretty nice open-source humanoid robot programmable with python. the robot prepper who has long ago learned to detect mask deniers has been trained to navigate autonomously through the shopping center the Parisian mall; most of all the video draws attention tithe position of the robot when moving independently.

         RAT chair is a strategy to move large objects by connecting relatively small sources of vibration, the effect of vibration on an object’s displacement is studied and corrected bay special algorithms, a result not only the chair but also the piano may come to youth system was first introduced in 2015 it’s a pity that so far all furniture is still not autonomous.

         Japan intends to introduce flying cab services in 2023 recently we have already shown you tests of the sd-03 device from SkyDrive; the 4-meter unit weighs 400 kilograms and its body is made of carbon fiber aluminum and other light and durable materials; the sd-03 uses four pairs of coaxial rotors with electric drives one pair in each quadrant they provide flight time from 5 to 10 minutes at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour these achievements from SkyDrive prompted new investors to join the project and almost tripled the amount of investment the company has had to 56 million dollars which will accelerate the development of personal flying cars.

         Bioserve technologies developed the exoskeleton iron hand which strengthens human grip with a patented technology S.E.M. the design allows not only to keep the shoulder and handing one position during heavy work but also to fix the desired position of the fingers.

         Peter levels creator of the nomad list freelance travel service introduced the idea A. I application which generates new product and business ideas using the gpt-3 algorithm the developer is ready to sell popular ideas for 99 dollars.

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