Traveling Asia with the Coronavirus


         As you probably know there is this deadly virus going around the world that originated from Wuhan China causing the world to nearly go into a panic and travel plans including my own getting canceled, I have been traveling around Asia for the past month and for those of you back on the other side of the world.

         Who is planning to travel to Asia? I wanted to make this article to help answer some of your questions, so within the past couple of years, I have moved a lot going to over 35 countries? Always there’s something some virus that gives you a scare, whether it was “Yellow Fever” or “Ebola” I feel like there’s still something that you have to be extra cautious about but never in my life has there been one like this like the Coronavirus where I’ve actually considered postponing or even cancelling my trip. Still, before I left for this trip to Asia I’m not going to lie I was definitely a little bit nervous and just considering cancelling it since I didn’t know what was going on, it was still so new it was just breaking out into the news. Even my mom is another calling me every day trying to convince me to postpone which I don’t blame her for there are now over 200,000 cases with over 9,000 deaths!! Which is just insane and horrible, and again I am a writer and blogger, not a doctor, but I didn’t want to say my opinions why I decided to continue my trip through Asia.

         For one it is very difficult for it to transmit in warmer weather so if you’re traveling to anywhere in Southeast Asia or anywhere that it’s super friendly then it’s very unlikely that you’ll get it from what I was told and read on the Internet and soon the news and the second thing from my understanding that there are thousands of people who have healed from this virus and myself being in my twenties someone with a robust immune system whomever really gets sick I’m not too worried but of course anything can happen but I feel like if I take the right precautions that my body would hopefully heal from it the third thingies Asia is doing an incredible job with making sure people are wearing masks who are any type of ill continually washing their hands and scanning individuals at airports to make sure they don’t have a fever last week we were in Cambodia and even to enter into a bar they were taking everyone’s temperature which was kind of random at the bar but it did make me feel safe that they’re going to this level of caution at airports there’s only a little more tension and everyone is wearing a mask and it’s a little bit of different vibe since I feel like people at airports usually are smiling happy to travel but with the costumes you can’t really tell if I’m smiling or not.

         Again I’m not a doctor I am a writer and vlogger but I wanted to say my opinion on why I am continuing my travel plans since of course, it is not 100 sensei but if you take the precautions and if you wear amass if you can’t instantly wash your hands and just make sure to not be into crowded of places I don’t think you’re putting yourself at too much harm but of course you really do need to be careful while you are in airports and on airplanes and the only thing I wanted to mention with you.

         This is how I had to actually change my flight because Initially had a flight home from Cambodia that had a layover with Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong and then back tone York but I personally didn’t want to have a stamp on my passport from Hong Kong since my layover was over 24 hours that I would be there and I know that if you’re traveling anywhere else even when we arrived to our hotel in Hanoi they asked us if we have been to China or thong Kong or to Taiwan within the past couple of weeks and I feel like if I continue to travel to other places and they ask me if I’ve been to Hong Kong they might not let me stay there luckily was able to get reimbursed by Cathay Pacific from my flight home but now like some crazy layover throughout the night in Abu Dhabi but I feel like that was the right move since all that’s going on in mainland China / Hong Kong if you did have any other questions comments or concerns about traveling to Asia with the coronavirus and you can comment them down below and I’ll try to get to as many as I can the ones that I think are very important but for the most part Idol believe that you don’t need to cancel your travel plans to Asia necessarily I don’t think that Asia is any more dangerous than Europe or South America but as far as cancelling your travel plans I think it’s very dependent on which country you’re traveling to since Vietnam or Thailand or Cambodia or Indonesia there are fewer cases than even in America hopefully with the warmer weather coming that this whole coronavirus goes away but until then it is going to be a crazy time traveling with a lot of tension that’s going to be it for this news update.

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