Ultimate Budget Travel Hack: Free Accommodation!


            Today I’m in the beautiful nail in Switzerland, and I’m going to tell you how you can stay anywhere in the world for free just like I am here and don’t worry it’s not like a brand deal or anything because I’m a self-funded traveller which means I’m only going to give you tips that you can do to

         Good morning from beautiful neon Switzerland I’m staying in this gorgeous flat right here in the center of town I’m not going to show you guys most of it because it’s actually a private residence so it’s not listed on Airbnb or anything like that but I am staying here for free for one week. Now you might ask yourself how I’m actually doing a house it so yes there are websites you can join where you can pass it or house it and it’s one of the best budget travel tips I can give you guys.

         So you might be asking yourselves well what’s the catch right because nothing’s free, you’re watching someone’s pet so you are gonna have to be an animal lover which means that this is probably not the travel hack for everybody but for me personally I love animals you guys know this so it’s worked out really well and well I’ve ended up in a town and I probably otherwise would have never come to.

         I’m gonna go-around exploring a little bit today and I’m also gonna be telling you guys everything you need to know about what it’s like to do a house or pets it

         You’re basically trading taking on the responsibility of someone’s home and their pet in exchange for her I exchanged for a free place to stay so like I said this might not be for everyone but if you’re like me and you’re looking for a quiet place to work it’s perfect or maybe you’re looking to explore a new city with your partner because you can actually sign up as either an individual or as a couple and the homes are usually available from a couple of days to weeks to even months and it definitely helps your chances of getting picked if you have previous experience as a pet sitter or you have really good references.

         You definitely have to be flexible because well you’re traveling based on someone else’s needs so you may not end up in the major destinations that you wanted to go to but I always say that the key to cheap travel is being flexible and that flexibility hassled me to spend a week in beautiful Switzerland where I can now go on day trips to places like Peru France that mode have never gone to otherwise. I hope to be the best travel hack for you and so until next time to one another adventure we get to our planet and keep adventuring.

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