Useful Tips for Tourists in Thailand


Admire animals and insects, but do not pick them up

Thailand is home to a huge variety of snakes, scorpions, beetles, fish, jellyfish, etc. Almost all of them within the resort area are not dangerous to people, but there are also poisonous species. Monkeys, which are often found in Thailand, can also pose a threat. Try not to come into contact with animals, especially if they are showing clear signs of aggression.

Eat your usual food

The basis of the Thai diet is rice – it is an easily digestible product that in itself does not cause digestive problems for Russian travelers. But it is necessary to carefully consider the presence of spices in dishes and to pick them up at a catering establishment. Eat familiar foods with a minimum of spices, and do not drink raw water to avoid spoiling your rest with intestinal upset.

Consider the difference in the climate

Thailand is hot and humid. Wear clothes made from natural fabrics that do not fit snugly to the body, use hats. In the daytime, it is better to refrain from visiting the beach and go on an interesting excursion. Use protective creams and drink plenty of fluids, then acclimatization will be quick and asymptomatic.

Swim on the equipped beaches

Wild vacation in Thailand is a bad idea for untrained tourists. As already mentioned, poisonous jellyfish and dangerous fish are found in the sea, and snakes can be found in the sands. On well-maintained beaches, these hazards are minimized.

Do not ignore the early symptoms of the disease

Foreign tourists in Thailand are not immune to infections such as Dengue fever and specific strains of rotavirus. This is especially important if you are traveling with children. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating, explain to your child that you should not swallow seawater while bathing – this will help to avoid infection. If the infection has nevertheless entered the body, then when characteristic symptoms appear, it is better to immediately call the operator of the insurance company. He will tell you which clinic and which doctor you need to contact with a specific problem.

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