Why a cat should not be allowed to jump on the table: expert opinion


Many cat owners are ready to forgive their pets for everything, so they can ignore the decision of the animal to jump on the table.

However, this is definitely not worth doing

Why a cat should not be on the table

Obvious hygiene issues

It’s no secret that a cat is a source of germs for all its craving for cleanliness. For example, pets love to spend time on the floor. After all, the bacteria “migrate” to the table, which is harmful to health.

Can’t cats eat all food?

An important argument is a fact that several familiar foods for a cat can be deadly. And it can be challenging to control your pet.

Experts recommend weaning cats off the table immediately.

Other dangers

Many may leave, for example, pills on the table. The cat may decide to try them.

If the animal falls asleep on the table, it may well fall.

Therefore, you should not allow your pet to jump on the table. This will help protect both the health of the owners and the cat itself.

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