Why you HAVE TO visit Tonga!


            Somewhere at the edge of the map you’ll find a set of 170 islands relatively unknown incredibly picturesque and surrounded by blue ass water but the reason this remote spot needs to be on your travel list for the fantastic locals hiding just below the surface. That these are why you come here, this is why you travel halfway around [Music] welcome back my fellow adventurer’s adults and welcome to Tonga more specifically Davao which I’m hoping I’m pronouncing right. I’m probably not so I’m sorry about that we’re on the island I’ve got to make sure that I’m not exposing myself here, but I’ve got one day to explore here by myself before joining a group for one of the main reasons that you come here. While I am going to go out and find some breakfast, I’ll probably do a little bit of a voiceover and tell you guys about this island and what there is to know.

         The Kingdom of Tonga is located in the southern Pacific Ocean about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand it’s made up of more than 170 islands of which 52 are inhabited religion is a significant part of daily life here nothing. I mean absolutely nothing is open on Sundays the two official languages are Tongan and English, It has some of the clearest I mean bluest has water I’ve ever seen, there are piglets everywhere which I loved, but the main reason this needs to be on your travel list are the humpback whales that migrate here to breed and bear their young between June and November.

         They’re just standing here looking at this incredible view, and I can see why else in the distance tiny. Well I feel like every place we stop at is more beautiful than the last the water has the most incredible colourant I just all feels like deserted island vibes I love it; the only thing that makes you realize it’s not is the fact that there is trash everywhere on the beach, but you got a reduce reuse and recycle.

         That was a super fun day exploring it’s not a budget destination that will tell you that one it’s costly to get here and then overall the prices here are pretty comparable with what I would pay at home tomorrow I’m heading off already saw them today from the fantastic cliff, Still, for the next couple of days I get to go swimming with them, the next day it was time to join the small group I booked with. We set off to the island where we would be staying for a week, and it was paradise.

         It took me thirty-six hours of travel to get here; there are different options for exploring Tonga, and they range from more budget to kind of treat yourself which I opted for the gift yourself option which means that I am here with Avery small group and we’re on a private island.

         All right I know that I usually do the budget thing because I want to get as much travel for my money as I possibly can it’s definitely one of those bucket list trips and it’s absolutely amazing.

         This beautiful piece of paradise was our home for nine days but Adventure is the name of the game and swimming with humpback whales is why we came all this way.

         The search begins we go out and about looking for whales which are never a bad start to the day our days were spent for about six hours day scanning the ocean for any sign of whales some days were beautiful smooth sailing, but we were always in the trusted hands or feet of our captain. All the waiting pays off, and we’ve just spotted a whale.

         Thus it’s incredible they were right there just slowly swimming by through the mom and the baby and it just that this is why you come here this is why you travel halfway around the world I don’t even have anywhere it’s all the spa, I’ll end it right there until next time to get to it’s our planet.

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