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Garden paths overgrown with grass: how to solve the problem without chemicals

Many summer residents want the paths in their gardens to look beautiful.

You can achieve the desired result by laying tiles or stone.

However, likely, weeds will soon appear at the joints.

To combat excess plants that spoil the appearance of the garden path, some gardeners use chemicals.

But it is better to do without these funds. Moreover, there is a much safer alternative.

How to remove grass from garden paths

First, excess representatives of the flora must be removed manually. In other words, blades of grass just need to be pulled out.

As soon as the path ceases to look overgrown, its joints must be doused with drops of a self-prepared product.

The main components should be two – table vinegar and table salt.

This mixture should be diluted with plain water. Per liter of the pure liquid, the component should be 150 grams of acetic and 30 grams of salty.

The result is a liquid that should be poured into a spray bottle.

It remains only to sprinkle those places where there were weeds. After that, the garden path will no longer overgrow.

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