Why the cat does not allow cutting its nails and how to teach it to patiently endure the procedure

Nail trimming is an important part of cat care. Animals do not like this process, so it is important to teach them to trim their nails from an early age. 

Here are some tips to help you train your cat to be patient with this procedure.

1. Start small. 

Initially, you can start by getting to know scissors. Let the animal sniff them, and get used to the clicking sound they make. Then you can cut off one claw. Praise the animal, give a treat, and let go. Gradually increase the number of trimmed nails in one go.

2. Use the right tools. 

For cutting nails, you must use special scissors. Scissors should be sharp and comfortable.

3. Create a comfortable environment. 

Choose a quiet and peaceful place. Under watch when the animal is in a relaxed state. Do not attempt the procedure if the pet has just played, recently eaten, or is very hungry.

4. Do not punish the cat and do not cause discomfort. 

Never yell at a cat or punish her for behavior you don’t like. This will only aggravate the situation and make the process of cutting the nails even more scary for the pet. If you urgently need a haircut, and the cat is not accustomed, you can wrap it in a towel and leave sticking out only the paw on which you need to cut the claw.

5. Praise and treats. 

Reward your pet after each successful procedure. This will help the animal associate the “execution” with something pleasant. Over time, fear will disappear, since nothing bad happens, but you can get tasty treats for calm behavior. Cats are very smart and learn quickly.

6. Carry out the procedure regularly. 

Nail clipping should be done regularly. If the pet grinds its claws on its own, for example, in the summer at the dacha, then it is recommended to imitate the process from time to time anyway, so that the habit of carrying it calmly remains. This is especially important if at first the animal behaved restlessly and did not allow manipulation of the claws.

7. Don’t cut too much. 

If you hurt a cat, it will be difficult to teach her to trust you again. Therefore, cut off only the very tip at first. Take the cat’s paw between your fingers and gently press down on the individual pad. The claw will pop out, and its top can be cut off. If you cut too much, it will hurt the cat, and the claw will bleed and may become inflamed. Even if you have experience, you should remember that in different animals the blood vessels are located at different distances from the tip of the claw.

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