Why a cat licks its owner: only a few know the correct answer

When a dog licks its owner, no one has questions about its behavior.

Much stranger seems to be the gesture of cats starting to lick their owners’ hands or hair. Not many cat lovers know how to properly respond to such a gesture.

Cat hygiene

A rare cat is imbued with such care for its owner. More often, these creatures care about their skin and are indifferent to how clean and tidy a person is.

They lick themselves several times a day. So animals take care of cleanliness, relieve stress, or simply have nothing to do.

It is normal for one cat to lick another. This is how the maternal instinct manifests itself. Sometimes the dog becomes the object of attention.

Attitude toward the owner

Only when it comes to the fact that cats begin to lick the hands of the owner, not everyone can stand it.

The language of animals is like sandpaper, and such gratitude is more torture than pleasure.

But experts advise being patient because the cat will not start licking the owner just like that. As a rule, at this time the animal is in a relaxed state and feels safe.

And this gesture means nothing more than an attempt to make friends or strengthen relations with the owner. Also, a cat can decide on such an act if she just wants attention to her person.

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