Why Dogs Curl Up While Sleeping: 3 Possible Reasons

Some dogs choose an interesting sleeping position.

So, during the rest, many pets are “rolled” into a ball.

Of course, sleeping four-legged friends are not always in this position. However, sometimes the owner may still notice a fluffy “lump”.

Why do dogs like this way of rest? There are three hypotheses.


The first possible explanation for dogs curling up during sleep is that it is simply comfortable for dogs to lie that way.

Maximum comfort, relaxation of the muscles and the absence of factors that interfere with normal breathing – all this can make the dog choose the above position for rest.

Heat preservation

Being in a “ball” is a guarantee that the dog will not freeze.

This position helps the pet to keep warm.

Protection of internal organs

There is another interesting version: “rolling” into a ball helps the dog cover its belly.

Thus, protection of internal organs will be provided in case someone decides to attack a sleeping animal.

However, such a hypothesis should be treated with skepticism: a special position, most likely, will not provide the dog with maximum protection. In addition, a dog that is in danger will not relax and rest.

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