Leaving a dog alone at home: the dog will not howl and bark, and the neighbors will complain

Leaving a dog alone at home when the owner needs to go to the store or go to work is a great art.

What the pet will do at this time is not difficult to imagine. He can howl, whine, and bark, annoying those very neighbors who will also soon begin to express their displeasure.

This is how experts advise looking at this problem, especially if there are night shifts in the schedule.

1. Learning to leave: Leaving a dog alone

When the owner sits at the computer or smartphone to the last, and then, having patted the dog by the ear, runs away, slamming the door, there is simply nothing left for him but to howl from grief and resentment. You can do without heartbreaking scenes if you give the dog 5-10 minutes before leaving.

Care needs to be trained too. You can simulate parting by going out the door and staying behind it, constantly increasing the time of absence.

Leaving a dog alone

Gradually, the dog will get used to the idea that if the owner is gone, then he will return.

2. Leisure: Leaving a dog alone

If the dog is quiet – do not expect good. Perhaps he came up with an occupation for himself, and then a pogrom will await in the apartment after the owner’s work.

Toys, feeders and other fun will help out that will not let the caudate think about stupid things.

In this case, you need to set the boundaries of what is permitted.

3. Walking: Leaving a dog alone

Be sure to walk the beast to exhaustion. The longer he sleeps, the less harm he will do in your absence.

4. Encouragement: Leaving a dog alone

If the dog met you, joyfully wagging his tail, the neighbors on the site and the entrance habitually smiled and everything is in perfect order at home, be sure to thank the pet. Take it for a walk, play, and be sure to treat it.

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