How to understand what a dog wants to say: tips for dog breeders

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It is said that dogs can understand human speech and even remember some words and commands.

People also understand something from the language of animals. If we talk about dogs, then basically it is body language or rather a wagging tail. This is where knowledge often ends.

Tip one

You need to monitor the body of the pet, its position, as well as the tail, ears, and expression of the muzzle. If the body is relaxed, the tail wags to the sides and the ears are raised and open – these are symbols of serenity. With anxiety and anxiety, everything happens the other way around.

Tip two

Dogs may bark or whine during play or alarm. The same thing happens if the pet is in pain. The tone and intensity should alert.

Tip three

Tail wagging is not only a friendly attitude. If a dog sees a familiar person, then it can wag its tail with joy. And if a person causes anxiety in her, then along with the wagging of her tail, she can begin to growl and get angry.

Tip Four

The behavior of the dog also speaks volumes. She either willingly contacts other relatives and people, or avoids interaction. Together with these signs, you need to evaluate the pet’s appetite, energy, and sleep.

These simple tips will help you notice in time that your dog needs help and avoid serious trouble.

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