Overcome fear or stress. How a dog tells you “I love you”

Overcome fear or stress, Dogs are loyal and devoted friends of the man who love to show their affection and care. 

One of the ways of such manifestation is by pressing the body to the owner. Why does the dog do this and what does it mean?

Cuddle as an expression of trust and love

Dogs are social animals that have close bonds within their pack. They snuggle up to their relatives to find warmth and safety. If you have a dog living at home, then he perceives you as a member of his pack and wants to be close to you. 

When a dog cuddles up to you, he shows that he trusts you and loves you. This is one form of communication and contact with you.

If the dog sleeps next to you or on your bed, then he feels secure and confident in your support.

overcome fear or stress
overcome fear or stress

Pressing as a way to receive and release heat

If your dog cuddles up to you at night or during the cold season, then he may be doing this to keep warm or give you warmth. Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and can serve as live heating pads. 

They may also care about your health and want to keep you from getting colds or hypothermia. By snuggling up to you, the dog shows his care and empathy.

Cuddling as a way to overcome fear or stress

If your dog cuddles up to you when he is scared or nervous, then he is doing this to feel your support and calm down. For example, in a veterinary clinic or when meeting with something terrible on the street. 

The dog needs tactile contact more than usual to release tension and gain confidence. 

In such cases, you should be attentive to your pet and try to help him overcome fear or stress. Also, the dog may cuddle up to you if he feels that something is bothering or disturbing you. By doing so, she is trying to help you, calm you down, and protect you.


A dog that clings to its owner shows its affection and devotion. It can be an expression of trust and love, a way to give and receive warmth, or a way to overcome fear or stress

In any case, this indicates that the dog considers you his friend and patron.

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