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Green amulets: 7 plants that will decorate the house and help protect against misfortune

With the help of some indoor plants, you can attract good luck, as well as love and prosperity in your life. 

You just have to choose them wisely!

If you do not have a single plant in your house, this is a reason to think. Why don’t you use their power? 

Perhaps because you simply do not know what these green magicians are capable of.

• It is important to choose flowers for the home from the heart, from the heart. What plant do you want to put on the windowsill, this should be taken first. However, there are a few rules.

• It is better to choose plants with rounded leaves. They will smooth the atmosphere in the house.

• If you live with your lover, it is desirable that among the plants were both “female” and “male”. This will balance the energy.

• Plants need regular care. When they are healthy, they bring only positive vibrations into the house, but when they are sick, they can worsen the general atmosphere.

Here are a few talisman plants that have succeeded in magically influencing their owners.

1. Violet

Prevents the occurrence of quarrels and conflicts, and improves relationships between households. And if now you have a difficult period in your life, get a white plant – it will become easier.

2. Chlorophytum

This plant cleans not only the air but also energy. After planting it, you will soon notice that you feel much better in your own home.

3. Cyclamen

It should be placed in the bedroom for those who suffer from nightmares. After a week, your sleep will become calm and deep.

4. Spathiphyllum

Suitable for those who have been alone for a long time and want to meet a soul mate or find a close friend.

5. Rose

Everyone knows it as a symbol of love, but this flower is also able to influence the financial situation of a person. Plant a rose in a pot and you will notice that your earnings will increase.

6. Calathea

If you think that you do not have enough luck, then it’s time to put a calathea on the windowsill. Soon luck will knock on your door.

7. Geranium

This plant should be put in the bedroom for those who are often sick, and have problems with immunity. Geranium helps to improve well-being in diseases, fills with energy, and harmonizes the emotional background. Most importantly, do not forget to take care of her, otherwise, the healing effect will disappear.

Are there flowers that should not be kept at home?

First of all, these are “vampire” plants. Next to them, the mood and well-being of the household are deteriorating. So, ivy sucks energy out of the inhabitants of the house. 

Cacti should also be placed on the windowsill with caution. Watch how they affect you. 

If everything is fine and you do not feel a breakdown, then there is nothing to worry about. Always be guided by your state and mood when choosing indoor plants.

And do not forget: there should be fresh flowers in a vase at home. They are conductors of positive energy.

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