Why a cat asks for food even when she has a full bowl: a logical explanation

If you have come across a situation where a pet persistently demands food, although he has a full bowl of food, do not rush to get annoyed – there is an explanation for everything, or even several, as in this case.

First, the cat may want fresh food – even if the food on the plate is still of good quality.

They say that in this situation, you can not offer the animal a new portion, but simply pick up the bowl from the floor, mix the granules, and put it back.

Secondly, the food could go bad, especially when it comes to wet food.

Remember that such food should not be left in the bowl for more than half an hour.

Thirdly, the cat is hoping to get another food, tastier than the one that was offered to him.

This often happens if the owner treats the pet with pieces from his table. But you should not do this if you are sure that the cat’s diet is balanced and provides the pet with all the nutrients it needs.

And fourthly, whiskers interfere with enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some furries simply cannot continue to eat if vibrissae come into contact with dishes or food.

In this case, the output will be flat and wide plates.

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