What 4 phrases of parents are the most toxic: the opinion of psychologists

Parents sometimes do not pay attention to what phrases they use in the process of communicating with a child.

This is a rather serious mistake since ordinary words can be detrimental to the mental health of children.

What 4 phrases can be called the most toxic

“When you start bringing money to the family, then you will decide”

Often, adults do not give children the right to choose just because the child is financially dependent. However, this is not the fault of the children: they simply cannot earn money due to their age.

If you constantly reproach them for the fact that parents spend money and therefore have the right to choose what clothes to wear, what circles to attend, and what entertainment to choose, then this will make family relationships, not the warmest and most healthy.

Do not blame the child for something that he cannot influence. If this is not done, then children will feel dependent, vulnerable, and not valuable enough to have a voice.

“If you behave like this, then I will give you away”

Some parents use this phrase as a weighty argument in their favor. However, this is real blackmail – if the child does not behave the way mom and dad want, then they promise to give it away easily.

Adults understand that this is a joke. However, children may take such threats seriously.

Experts also note that not every child can be frightened by this phrase, so you should not use it.

“You must eat everything”

Recently, many people have observed various eating disorders, which are extremely dangerous.

This seemingly harmless phrase can provoke them. Therefore, allow the child to eat as much as he wants.

“Because we decided so!”

Not all parents have the patience and ability to argue their decisions. So they just hide behind their authority.

However, such behavior leads to the fact that children grow up malleable, dependent, and dependent on more powerful people. Therefore, exclude this expression from your vocabulary.

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