3 phrases that make a child hate their own parents

Sometimes one unsuccessful phrase is enough for parents to lose authority in the eyes of their children.

Therefore, moms and dads should carefully monitor their speech so as not to say anything superfluous.

Three phrases can make a child feel worse about their parents.

This hatred will be silent. And yet, such a situation cannot be allowed.

“Stop crying!”

phrases that make a child hate their own parents
phrases that make a child hate their own parents

It is normal when parents reassure their child without complaints against him.

But the situation will only get worse if Mom and Dad try to reproach the baby for his emotions.

Perhaps after the phrase “Stop crying” the child will no longer cry. But he may begin to accumulate anger and hatred inside.

Therefore, try to put yourself in the place of an upset child and no case scold him for tears.

“But your classmate…”

Comparing a baby with other children (and not in favor of his son or daughter) is a very dangerous trick.

You should not tell the child that he is bad at something, but his classmate is good.

Such a claim is unlikely to increase the motivation of a boy or girl to study. But the student may well be offended. Become the owner of low self-esteem – too.

“You will not make it. I’d rather do it”

There is nothing wrong with the fact that the child fails to perform some simple action the first time. For example, it’s okay to brush your teeth, make your bed, or tie your shoelaces.

Give your child a chance to practice. In no case do not make fun of him and do not perform the procedure instead of him.

Otherwise, a kid who is deprived of the opportunity to learn skills on his own may develop a quiet hatred for his parents.

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