How to teach a child to eat with a spoon: useful tips

To wait for the moment when the baby will deftly wield a spoon on his own, will take a lot of time, and what can we hide, and strength?

The following tips will help bring the long-awaited event closer.

1. Before you start the process of teaching your baby to eat with a spoon, stock up on two identical devices. Give one spoon to the baby, and let Dad or Mom hold the second.

Feed the child, while allowing him to act on his own. And remember: scattered and spilled food is normal.

2. Another necessary “accessory” is a suction plate. It is better if unbreakable material is used for the manufacture of dishes.

You can act by analogy with a spoon: put some food for the baby on one plate, and let an adult feed him from the other.

3. A bib will help save your son’s or daughter’s clothes from stubborn stains.

Pay attention to silicone products – they are easier to clean and are also equipped with a special pocket on the bottom.

4. Try to make sure that the baby has breakfast, lunch, and dinner with other family members because the best way to teach the baby is to set him a personal example.

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