A Culturologist told why there are children’s quarrels

Quarrels are not uncommon among children.

A cult urologist with knowledge of psychology told the reasons why children’s quarrels occur.

This behavior is very exhausting for parents and makes them pretty nervous. Let’s look at the reasons why children’s quarrels occur.

First, young children usually say what they think. This behavior can lead to conflicts with peers. Words spoken to another child may offend him.

And the offended child will want to respond to unflattering words addressed to him with the same coin. Well, then the conflict is not far off. Children will continue to call each other names until someone else, most often an adult intervenes.

But there are also positive aspects, children quickly forget insults and, perhaps, in a couple of days they will not remember them.

This is a normal process of becoming a child’s personality, which must be treated calmly and with understanding. Conversely, if the child behaves too obediently and does not conflict at all, this should alert.

Secondly, children in this way may try to attract attention to themselves. Bad behavior is the ideal way to do this because it is fast and efficient. What to do in this case?

We need to try to pay more attention to children and praise them for their successes and good deeds. The main thing is to observe the golden mean because excessive praise can also harm the child in the future.

Thirdly, in childhood, the most important stage in the formation of personality takes place. For example, there is such a thing as a crisis of three years. During this period, negativism, disobedience, self-will, and so on can manifest.

Through these symptoms, the child develops the process of identifying himself as a person. During this period, the parent needs to be wise and be able to direct the child’s aggression in a peaceful direction.

It can be games or sports. The main thing is that these processes are exciting. Plus, it will help develop the child’s creative abilities.

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