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How to give the soup a beautiful color: tricks that are available to everyone

Everyone knows that soups are healthy. But not everyone knows how to make them also beautiful. And it’s pretty simple.

Everyone will be able to make a delicious soup with a beautiful color using the tricks given in this article.

The pledge of beauty is a clear broth

The broth can spoil the look of the soup, or it can make this dish amazingly beautiful. If it is cloudy, no tricks will help.

But the transparent golden broth is already beautiful in itself. And with the use of certain techniques, its color can be improved or changed.

Cooking a clear broth is easy, follow three rules.

1. Remove foam immediately after it appears.

2. Cook on minimum heat (active seething is unacceptable).

3. Cook in an open pan. If you still need to close the lid, then you should do it partially, leaving a gap.

When the meat and bones are ready, strain the broth.

Onion peel works wonder

Chefs always throw an unpeeled onion into the pot of broth. Onion peel not only gives a unique flavor but also makes the liquid more golden, as it has coloring properties. No wonder our grandmothers dyed eggs for Easter, fabrics, and even hair with onion peel.

Thrifty housewives never throw away onion skins. One of the options for its use is adding it to broths or immediately to the soup. Someone boils it in large pieces and then takes it out (like a bay leaf). And someone dries, grinds, and adds as a seasoning. The husk gives aroma, color and contains many valuable substances.

No carrots

Carrot juice is beneficial, so it is often given to children. If a child (or adult) drinks carrot juice daily for a long time, his skin becomes orange.

With the help of carrots, you can color not only the skin but also the soup. However, for this, it is not enough just to weld it. Carrots need to be grated and fried in vegetable oil. The coloring pigment will pass into the oil, and then the oil will give the soup a stunning golden-orange color.

Most often, onions are first fried (gives sweetness and aroma), and then carrots are added to it. After frying, the ingredients are laid out in a saucepan with ready-made soup.

Don’t Forget the Tomato Paste

The tomato paste also gives the soup a beautiful reddish color. It is best to add a spoon or two of the paste to the sautéed carrots. They work much better in tandem than alone.

Paprika is not only tasty but also healthy

If you add paprika to the carrots in the pan, the color of the soup will become even more saturated. And if there are no carrots, paprika can be fried with onions. So she will also add a beautiful shade to the soup, but not as rich as with carrots.

These subtleties are available to everyone. With their help, you can cook not only delicious but also beautiful soups.

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