Named the reasons for an urgent appeal to a speech therapist

It is believed that the development of speech begins in a baby even before birth, since during this period he already begins to highlight the voice of his mother. 

A Defectologist told this in an interview, she also noted when exactly parents should contact a speech therapist.

She stressed that there are several stages when it is necessary to test the skills of the baby. 

First, she noted that if a child does not respond to his name for a year, then this is a reason to start worrying. 

In addition, according to Pokrovskaya, you must contact a specialist if a 3-year-old child has incoherent speech. It is permissible in speech to only slightly change sounds at this age.

By the age of five, pronunciation begins to form. Therefore, during this period, it is also necessary to check the skills of a son or daughter.

It is believed that incorrect pronunciation or replacement of sounds is unacceptable, which means that work with a speech therapist is necessary. 

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