The secret of a milkshake is revealed: every student remembers its taste

Every schoolboy knew that in addition to sweet soda, there is a unique milkshake that not only quenched thirst but also allowed you to forget about hunger.

Today, reproducing a recipe in the home kitchen is not difficult if you know about all the secrets.

Now you can buy a milkshake in any cafe, but something is missing from it.

Secrets of the milkshake, which was prepared in cafeterias and grocery stores.

1. You need to use 12% fat ice cream.

2. Beat with a blender or mixer, giving out from 12,000 rpm and with a special nozzle.

3. Milk should be very cold, from the freezer.


  • 150 gr milk;
  • 70 gr of ice cream;
  • 30 gr syrup.

How to cook

Ice cream must be placed in a container in which the cocktail will be mixed, cold milk must also be added here.

Milk must first be kept in the freezer for 30-40 minutes so that in some places it begins to turn into ice.

It is more convenient to beat the ingredients with an immersion blender, turning on the highest speed.

To get as many air bubbles as possible, the whisk should be held at an angle – this will allow more air to be drawn into the mixture.

As for the syrup, you can not add it at all – a matter of taste!

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